The Awaken360 

Awaken360 Therapeutic Center is unique from other community mental health centers in the Ozarks and world.


We provide a preventative option that bridges the gap between outpatient and psychiatric hospital placements (acute and residential)  through our therapeutic academies. Our programs keep clients involved with their families and connected to their communities.

We believe interventions work best when they are (1) built on the foundation of a strong therapeutic partnership, (2) individualized and tailored to meet each client/families specific needs, (3) and given ample opportunity to be practiced in the clients daily life to ensure effectiveness. 


 We believe your need should dictate your access to lasting and effective treatment, not your finances. All of our programs offer financial assistance options. For more information, please contact us at 417-712-7560 or contact@awaken360.org.





   The members of the Awaken360 team feel that it's important to share our foundational "why" for the organization and tell the story of what sparked Awaken360. Our founder and director, Heather Freeman, was motivated to start this program after watching her own loved ones struggle.

 Meet Heather's brother-in-law, Matt. In 2018 he left us in a car accident, but his life was full.  His smile and laugh contagious. Matt was larger than life and never did anything halfway. Matt also struggled with addiction during periods of his life. Being 13 years younger, seeing him as a big brother, Heather saw the impact it had on him and everyone in her family. When she was a teenager, there were a lot of "what if" questions she asked herself as he struggled and the family fought to get him help.

What if someone had been able to see his need for help before it escalated to addiction? What if her family had found help sooner? These questions motivated her through her middle school, high school, and grad school career, leading her to seek out a position working with high-risk clients as a licensed professional counselor. 

   Matt's story inspired Awaken360, and it motivates her and our team as we help families with teens who need hope and healing. 


Evidenced-based treatment serves as the foundation for our individual, group, and family therapy plans tailored to each client's needs. Our licensed counselors operate from the perspective of faith & biblical truths that are incorporated into our 360-degree approach so that our program encompasses mental, physical, and spiritual healing. We address struggles such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, social skills, stress management, life skills, addiction, relapse prevention, self harm, and overall mental health while being mindful of each client’s individual beliefs. Services include marriage/couples, premarital, individual, groups (anger management), and family for all ages. 


Awaken360 Therapeutic Academies serve students ages 6wks-7 years at our Early Child Development Center and ages 8-18 at our Therapeutic Academy. Students attend classes Monday - Friday,  7:30a-5:30p returning home to their families at the end of the day ready to practice newly learned therapeutic techniques. Their daily schedules include therapy, classical education courses, Wake-Up Rallies to start the day, community-partnered after school volunteer projects, and occasional field trips.  

We provide a unique classroom experience that is designed to elicit behavior change in each student and encourage a positive peer culture. A classical education is combined with individualized, one-on-one, in-person support with trained paraprofessionals. Awaken360 builds a support network not just for our students, but for the entire family group. We do life together; as it was meant to be. Our goal is to prepare students to thrive and excel their community and family when they graduate the Awaken360 program.


The Ozarks need Awaken360 because there are limited options for families with teens who need therapeutic help and support 

for behavioral and life-controlling issues ( i.e. self-harm, addictions, depression, eating disorders, and similar struggles).

Some teens need less-invasive treatment than what may be available, or their families may struggle to afford treatment. You can find more information HERE about this issue that Awaken360 is seeking to address.