Awaken360 accepts students ages 12-18. Students will attend our academy Monday - Friday,  similar to a public school schedule, and return home to their families at the end of the day. Their daily schedules will include therapy, academics, community-partnered after school projects, and occasional field trips. Students will attend our academy for four to six months, depending on the needs of the student and their family. 




Cognitive Behavioral Therapy serves as the foundation for our individual, group, and family therapy plans tailored to each student by our licensed professional therapists and counselors. We also incorporate faith & biblical concepts into our 360-degree approach so that our program encompasses mental, physical, and spiritual healing. We address character, self-esteem, social skills,

stress management, life skills, addiction, relapse prevention, and overall mental health while supporting the student’s individual faith.



We provide a unique classroom experience by utilizing lesson plans developed through an accredited curriculum, tailored to fit each student’s specific needs and grade level. Our goal is to prepare students to reintegrate into their community school setting when they graduate the Awaken360 program. Each student will also receive a therapy workbook called Waging War: A Christian's Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook. 


The Ozarks need Awaken360 because there are limited options for families with teens who need therapeutic help and support 

for behavioral and life-controlling issues ( i.e. self-harm, addictions, depression, eating disorders, and similar struggles).

Some teens need less-invasive treatment than what may be available, or their families may struggle to afford treatment. You can find more information HERE about this issue that Awaken360 is seeking to address. 


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"Awake O Sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." Ephesians 5:14

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