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Therapeutic Center

Awaken360 Outpatient Counseling Services

You don't want to waste your time with empty promises. You want lasting-effective change that addresses the source of your struggle as oppose to being given a bandaid to "solve the problem". Awaken360 counselors provide empirically-based therapeutic interventions via Telehealth services and/or in -person sessions. Like most things in life, therapy is most effective when facilitated through a compassionate and trusted therapeutic relationship. Our counselors meet you right where you are and offer the guidance to lead you out while educating and equipping you with tools that go to the source of the struggle. Counseling shouldn't last forever. It should be efficient and effective, empowering you with the resources you need to stand successful in the future no matter the obstacle.  

-Depression & Anxiety

-PTSD & Trauma

-Couples, Marital, and Premarital

-Divorce and Co-Parenting


-High-Risk Behaviors

-Anger Management Groups

-Play Therapy

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Awaken360 Therapeutic Academy--Enrolling Soon!

What happens when your son or daughter has been attending traditional outpatient counseling and your child is still displaying significant struggle? Awaken360 Therapeutic Academy bridges the gap between traditional outpatient counseling and hospital-based treatment centers. Awaken360s academy provides intensive therapeutic intervention, an environment that is designed to elicit behavior change, and community integration and connection. 


Monday-Friday 7:30a-3:30p  

 Awaken360--Early Child Development Center serves children ages 6 weeks-8 years .

 Awaken360--Youth Academy serves ages 9-18 years.

Classical Education, Counseling, and Community--a 360-degree approach to change. 


Tuition Assistance Applications Available. 

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Awakening Family Conferences--Coming Soon!

A two-day event where families break the mold of how they use to see one another, and begin to see one another's heart allowing them to connect and relate on a level they never thought possible.


Five professional presenters will discuss the foundations of healthy relationships, how to rebuild trust, and how to overcome communication barriers for meaningful connection and understanding among many more topics. 

A two-day event, 10 hours of crazy fun and effective solutions, and radical change in your family you never thought possible.